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Import Settings

Import Settings are used when uploading a design file via the Import Design feature.

For each compatible Impact file format, it's possible to specify the default Import / Export Master Tool Setting (MTS), that will be used when that file type is encountered.

Only one setting can be specified per file format / extension, and so no choice will be given to the user during Design Import.

The Import Settings dialog lists any existing combinations of file formats and Import / Export settings that have been configured in the site, and allows those settings to be edited, deleted, or further ones added.

When choosing to "Add" a new import setting, first you select one of the following file formats. This list will only show formats not already associated with setting:

  • Adobe Document (.pdf)
  • Adobe Illustrator (.ai)
  • Adobe Postscript (.ps)
  • AutoCAD Drawing (.dwg)
  • AutoCAD Exchange (.dxf)
  • Cadimac (.ima)
  • Common File Format (.cf2)
  • DDES2 (.dde)
  • DDES3 (.dd3)
  • ELCEDE Diecard (.N)
  • HPGL (.hpg)
  • Impact (.ipd)

Next, select from any of the compatible Import / Export MTS.

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