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Licence Service

Service Settings

The Licence Server stores all its settings in the Windows registry under the key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\ImpactLicenceService. The Settings\Licences value contains a binary blob of the installed licences. It is encrypted and cannot be changed except by the Licence Administrator. If any problems occur with corrupt settings you can delete this value from the registry and reinstall the required licence certificates.

Timed Licences

You cannot defeat the timed Licence Certificates by clearing the Licence Server settings contained in the registry or moving the Licence Server to another machine. The information regarding the number of minutes used for each timed Licence Certificate is stored and encrypted in the Server Dongle. When you add the Licence Certificate to the Licence Server it automatically restores the time used by reading it from the Server Dongle.

Removing the Server Dongle

If you remove the server dongle from the workstation running the licence service it will automatically revoke all granted licences after sixty seconds. If you re-insert the dongle before this time expires, the licences will remain valid. No notification of this process will happen, but the licence server log will give details.

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