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What are the nServer Licence Types

Any code or application which wishes to run against nServer is required to pass in the licence details, which are checked against the licences installed upon Arden Licence Server that nServer is configured to use.

There are two licence types that allow for the usage of nServer. The first is a (Closed) Application licence. Application licences are defined by both Vendor and Application GUIDs are known only to the application authors, who will hard-code those details when building their application. The second type is Open licence, which are designed to allow customers to write their own nServer applications. 

When attempting to connect to an Impact database via nServer, it is a requirement to request an appropriate licence by calling methods and setting properties of the IServer.ILicence object. This must be done prior to calling the IDatabase.Connect method.

When using an Open licence, the ILicence.UseOpenLicence method must be called, along with an LicenceGUID parameter. Each Open licence GUID issued is specific to a licence server dongle and customer.

The GUID for an nServer Open Licence can be determined by looking at the properties of the Licence in the Licence Server Administrator.  See related article, Where can I find my nServer Open Licence GUID .

For information about obtaining an nServer Open Licence, please contact Arden Software.



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