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Server Settings

You can configure various settings for the Licence Server including TCP/IP port, UDP ports, server timeout and thread cache size. Changing these settings will require the Win32 service to be restarted manually and all currently granted licences will be lost.

Licence Server Administration

All other changes to the settings don't require the service to be restarted and can be performed while workstations are connected and have been granted licences. In some situations, workstations will be forced to reconnect and request new licences. Press the Apply button to save the changes to the licence service.

Administrator Passwords

It is possible to password protect the connection to the licence service; this is recommended if the server running the licence service is available on a WAN. It prevents unauthorized access to the service settings. Separate passwords can be supplied for the Full Administrator and View Only modes.

Only a single administrator can be connected to the licence service at once; other administrator users attempting to connect to the service do so in View Only mode. This allows them to view the licences being used and revoke licences if required, but prevents them from making changes to the service settings.

Connection Logging

The licence service can provide two levels of logging operation. The Log File specified must be a valid path on the server running the Licence Server. The Verbose log messages option will produce detailed logging of all data transactions performed by the Licence Server.

The server logging should only be turned on when instructed by technical support staff; leaving it turned on can slow down the server and use large amounts of disk space.

View Only

If you start the Licence Server Administrator when another user is already connected from a different workstation, then you will have View Only access and the form will display as follows, without the advanced information on the Server Administration tab and without the Installed Licences tab:

Licence Server Administration

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