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Installation Requirements

  • The Licence Server is a Win32 Service; it must be installed on a Windows Server or Workstation.  Refer to the relevant System Requirements documentation for the intended version of Licence Server to be installed.
  • The Licence Server uses TCP/IP and UDP to communicate with clients; the TCP protocol must be installed on both the server and all clients.
  • The Licence Server can communicate with clients across a LAN, WAN or the internet. This makes it possible to manage licences for a company across multiple sites from a central location.
  • You can run the Licence Server and any client (including the Administrator) on the same server or workstation.
  • If installing a traditional dongle-based configuration, the host Windows Server or Workstation would require an available USB 2/3 port for the DesKey dongle key.  A dongleless (software-only) option can also be made available from Licence Server 2019 (v11) onwards.

See Server Installation for information on installing the service.

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