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User Default Values

All users need to have a language, units, time zone and working times defined.  When adding a user, initial default values for these need to be configured as the user is added to the database before the user administrator has the opportunity to select them. This is done in the User Default Values.  Once the user is created, the user administrator will be able to modify the users specific settings.

Although this is most commonly a one-time configuration, for complex, staggered deployments across multiple countries or regions, it is recommended you update these settings as you move from one country or region to the next, to avoid having to manually update each user as they're onboarded.

The User Default Values can only be accessed via the User list on the Directory or other user management dashboard.

As these are global default values, in mixed language or unit environments the most common settings should be selected.

  • Language - Select a suitable option for where the installation is to be located. For staggered roll-outs across multiple countries, it is recommended to update this as new countries are onboarded
  • Units - Select the option that is used in the country the installation is in.
  • Time Zone - Select the time zone that most new users will be in. For staggered roll-outs across multiple countries, it is recommended to update this as new regions are onboarded.

The following options are in preparation for future functionality to be used for resources planning. Although not currently in use, the default options need to be defined.

  • Working Times Profile - There is only one placeholder setting named "Default". Select this until the new functionality is available. 
  • Availability (%) - Enter 100% until the new functionality is available

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