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The Licences administration page provides details of all licence types enabled in WEBcnx and of those, how many are in active use. For any selected Server Licence, a list of the Available Modules is listed.

After installation, it's important to verify that all Licence Types that have been purchased are available.

Licences can be viewed from Administration > Security > Licences.

There are 5 licence types commonly deployed to most WEBcnx installations:

  • Dedicated - Will grant named users anytime access to WEBcnx.  This is the most common licence type that typical users will use.  Each user will need their own licence.
  • Concurrent - More commonly used for customer and infrequent users.  The number of concurrent licences determines the number of users with this licence type who can log into WEBcnx at the same time. As a concurrent user logs out, their licence becomes usable to other users.
  • Administrator - Reserved for system administration and Arden support licences so as not to use any customer purchased licences.  Administrator licences can not be selected for non-system or support users.
  • Scheduler - Used by the Scheduled Services.
  • Workflow - Used by the Workflow Services when running any workflow without taking any user licences purchased for the installation.

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