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How to reset someone else's password

If a user forgets their password, they can reset this themselves by following the Forgotten Password link on the login page. If they've not logged in for some time, they may have previously ticked the "Remember me" button or they're logging in from another device, they may not remember their login name and will need an administrator to reset their password for them. Additionally, you may choose to reset someone's password if they've not logged in for some time, you believe their account may be compromised or for other security reasons.

Resetting another user's password

The following steps can only be performed by a user with user administration privileges; full administrator rights are not required.

  1. After logging in, navigate to the Directory or user Dashboard.
  2. Type the name, login ID or email of the user who's password you wish to reset into the search bar. You may need to click the search options to make sure they're configured to allow you to search across all fields. Alternatively, scroll through the list of users to find them manually. 
  3. Double click the user to view their profile.
  4. Click the Change Password action at the top of the User Profile dialog.
  5. Enter your own password and then allow WEBcnx to auto-generate a new password that is automatically emailed to the user. Your password is required to validate 

Best Practice - Never manually enter a new password for the user. Always allow WEBcnx to auto-generate a secure password. The user can choose to change this when they next login. Manually entered passwords should only be used if the user is available to type their new preferred password in as you reset it.

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