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Privacy Settings

In order to comply with privacy directives on the use of cookies, WEBcnx needs to inform users of how cookies are used. WEBcnx allows you to configure a custom Cookie Notice, with a suitable default message already configured. When a user first visits WEBcnx, they will be asked to accept or reject the cookie notice. WEBcnx uses very few cookies and these are required in order to use the application. If the user does not accept the cookie policy, they will be unable to log in.

How WEBcnx uses cookies

We only use cookies so that you can move around the application and use its features. Without these necessary cookies you will not be able to use the application.

If you choose to "Remember me" we will store your credentials in additional encrypted cookies to improve your sign in experience on your next visit. These cookies can only be read by us.

We never share cookies with third parties.

We need your consent so that we can read and write these cookies on your device. Press the "Accept" button to consent to our cookie usage and you can then sign in. This cookie consent is stored in a persistent cookie so you don't have to accept this message every time you sign in.

Configuring the Privacy Settings

On a new installation of WEBcnx, the Privacy Settings are already fully configured and enabled. For a site that has been upgraded to a version older than WEBcnx 2022 (v13), the Privacy Settings will need configuring and enabling.

  • Show Cookie Notice - Fully turns the Cookie Notice on or off.
  • Language - This allows you to select and translate your Cookie Notice and Privacy Policy Link into any Configured Languages.
  • Dialog Content - The main Cookie Notice displayed to the user.
  • Privacy Policy Link Text - Many companies have some form of privacy policy on their public website.  This option, along with the URL below, allows you to display a clickable link to the privacy policy on your own website.
  • Privacy Policy Link URL - The full URL address of the external privacy policy "http://www.mywebsite/privacy-policy.
  • Cookie Expiration (Days) - After the specified number of days, the cookie accepting the consent to store this information will automatically expire. Users will then have to accept the cookie policy again.

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