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Installing Licences

To configure the Licence Certificates installed on the Licence Server select the Installed Licences page. The licence list displays basic information about the installed licences, including the unique licence id, type, description and the number of licences.

The checkbox shows whether the licence is available for use by clients or not, so you can temporarily disable licences without having to remove them from the Licence Server.

Installing Licences

Choose Add and locate a *.lic file. Only licence certificates for the server dongle inserted in the server can be added to the Licence Server. You must Apply your changes to ensure the Licence Server is updated.

Installed Licences

See Licence Properties for information about configuring each Licence Certificate.

Testing Licences

Once you have configured your Licence Certificates and applied the changes to the Licence Server you should Test the licences have been configured correctly.

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