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Design Standards

With WEBcnx's Standards Library, you’ll have access to a vast library of existing packaging designs that’ll give you a flying start to any project.

The designs are simple to customise, bespoke to the materials you use and cover every industry standard; FEFCO corrugated, ECMA folding carton, displays, speciality, etc. 

WEBcnx connects to the same Standards Library in Impact, giving you access to exactly the same range of design options as your design team, including any custom standards you may have created yourself!

Access to the Standards Library is controlled with user permissions. If you are unable to browse the Standards Library and think you should be able to, contact your administrator.

Browsing Standards

To browse the Standards Library, click the action on the Launch menu 

Browse through all the Standards, viewing the thumbnails to select one that matches your requirements. Alternatively, you can filter the results by folder, categorising the Standards by the familiar FEFCO and ECMA groups you're already familiar with. If there's a specific style you're looking for, you can search by code or description to go straight to the design you want.

If you find you use the same commonly used Standards, you can star these and by adding the Display filter you can just display your favourite styles.

Running a Standard

You can run a standard by double-clicking or selecting your chosen style and clicking the Run Standard icon on the toolbar.

Material Selection

Once you've selected your chosen Standard Style, the first step to creating your custom design is to select the material. Depending on the style of the design, the list of materials will be filtered for you automatically. Selecting a material will load additional, material specific parameters to help resize your design perfectly.

For some corrugated installations, there's a further option to display advanced corrugated materials where you can choose each individual liner, flute medium and even indicate if the paper is waxed. Access to this is controlled by the installation preferences. Talk to your administrator or a member of our support team for further information on this.

Now the style and material are selected, it's a simple case of following the guided size options for the various parts of your chosen Standard. Click 'Next' through the pages to make sure you see all the options, or if you know you've entered what you want, you can click 'Finish' to create your resized design.

Administrators - User permissions can control whether members of user groups can access advanced variables, giving them access to even more configuration options. Caution is advised as these are typically options that only designers would make use of.

Saving Your Finished Design

Running a Standard creates a temporary drawing. This allows you to check that you've got your desired result and if not, simply discard and either re-run the same style with different sizes and options or pick a different style that may better meet your requirements.

Saving your finished design is the same process as for Importing a File. You can find more details about saving your Temporary Design here.

Running Standards Automatically with Workflow

As part of your design workflow, you can automate the creation of a new design from a Standard. Your form needs to include the styles available to be automatically run, the material selection and the key variables needed to resize it; usually the length, width and depth. This information is automatically passed into the Standard via the WEBcnx Workflow.

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