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Saving a Temporary Design

Temporary or unsaved drawings, which may have been created following Design Import or Standard Creation, can optionally be saved into the Impact database.  

Any unsaved drawings can be located from the Design Library system Saved Search, "Unsaved Drawings". Should a user choose not to save a temporary drawing, it will be automatically discarded when their current WEBcnx session ends.

When saving an imported design, the user will be prompted to first fill out any required fields, which may include those configured at the project level and layer level, in addition to layer type specific fields. 

Note. Required fields are denoted by the asterisk next to the field prompt, and a red outline on the field entry. Certain database fields may be filled automatically, if left blank, or populated via any configured Impact auto-numbering rules.

Your site administrator is responsible for configuring the Database Windows and Database Lists displayed for unsaved projects and layers.

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