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Importing a Design File

Designs can be imported into WEBcnx and even saved into the Impact Database via the Import Design feature. This feature can be accessed from the Launch menu in WEBcnx if you have privileges to do so. 

Importing a Design

To import a design, simply click "Launch", then "Import Design". From the dialog that appears, users can either drag and drop a design file, or use the "Browse" functionality to locate a file on disk and begin the import.

The range of allowable file formats is configurable and can be determined by the site administrator within Administration > Maintenance > Import Settings.

With a suitable file selected, the upload process will commence.

Following which, the design will be loaded and displayed in an unsaved state, allowing the user to view any imported layers. 

The compatible file formats are predominantly 2D, but with the inclusion of Impact's native .IPD format, it's possible for the imported design to include 3D layers too.

The imported design layers can be utilised in much the same way as any existing designs, i.e. viewed and enquired upon within the Design Viewer, exported back to disk in a variety of different file formats, included in Report Template generation, or even saved into the Impact database.

Unsaved Drawings

Should a user choose not to save an imported design initially, it will remain available to the uploading user for the duration of their WEBcnx session, and can be accessed via the "Unsaved Drawings" system Saved Search.

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