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Integer Custom Field

Integer Custom Fields, are whole numbers. They're one of many types of different Custom Fields that can be used in Task/Item Types.

Creating an Integer Custom Field

Although you can have Custom Fields with the same name, you can only have a single Custom Field of any given type.


  • Name - This is required and is the name displayed to users. This can be translated into any of the Supported Languages by clicking the flag icon.
  • Description - This is optional and is only displayed to administrators to aid in understanding the difference between similar fields and how they're configured.
  • Display Thousand Separators - Determines whether numbers are displayed as 1000000 or 1,000,000. For many numeric fields, such as quantity fields, it's usually desirable to display with thousand separators. For reference numbers or data that may have specific integration criteria, you may need to turn the display of these off.

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