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An Introduction to Searching

The searching tools are at the heart of most of what you see in WEBcnx. They drive the Dashboards, provide related content when viewing different dialogs throughout WEBcnx and help you manage your daily lists of tasks. 

Global Search allows you to quickly and conveniently search for Tasks, Designs, Customers and Documents from a single search field. The results of the Global Search feed into the main Search dialog which allows you to further refine those results. From the Search dialog, you can created a Saved Search so you can easily get back to those results. You're then able to drag and drop your Saved Search onto any Dashboard, depending on privileges, or display those results when viewing dialogs to create related results as a Custom Page. From any Saved Search, you can continue to search through or filter the results further at any time.

Note: The content you can search for and view depends on your user privileges. Your search capabilities may therefore be limited.

  1. Global "Quick" Search - Search for Tasks, Designs, Customers and Documents. If your search returns only a single result, this is immediately opened for you to view rather than displaying a list of search results with just the single item listed. When multiple results are found, they're displayed in the Search dialog. To search, simply enter your search text and press enter/return on your keyboard.
    The drop-down button to the right of the search field allows you to customise what content you wish to search on. The following search fields may vary depending on your user permissions and how these are named in your environment.
    • Customers: Code, Name
    • Designs: Code, Description, Reference
    • Documents: Description, Name
    • Tasks: Item Number, Subject
  2. Search - The search button on the main toolbar launches the Search dialog. From here, you can perform a more in-depth search of content across WEBcnx. Searching for Tasks and Designs provides advanced features including search filters on any enabled Search Field, grouping search filters together, using and/or between your filters or excluding specific filter items with "not". Whilst building up your search, you can view the results as you continue to refine to get a real-time view of the effect your search has on the results.
  3. Result Search - Once you've got your saved search results displayed on a Dashboard, you can search within these results for more specific content. The drop-down button to the right of the search field allows you to customise which text Search Fields you wish to search on. As with the Global Search, simply enter the search text and press enter/return to search.
  4. Result Filters - If you have too many results, you may want to filter some of the content to narrow down on the data you need to see; for example, if you have a Saved Search showing all Tasks assigned to you, you can filter this to show Tasks of a certain type, who they were created by, when they're due or the customer they're for. To add a Result Filter, click the Filter Button and select the filter you want to add. You can then choose the value you wish to filter on.

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