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When you first log into WEBcnx, you will see a placeholder Avatar of a coloured circle with your initials inside. This is very common with most web applications that you may log into. A user is able to upload their own avatar to display to users instead. Additionally, avatars can be configured for Sites and Customers to further personalise their experience.

All avatars must be 96 x 96 pixels.

User Avatars

A user can change their Avatar by opening their User Profile and selecting the Edit Avatar action from the Action Bar.

From here, you can either upload a new avatar or clear the existing one, reverting back to a block coloured avatar with your initials shown inside.

User administrators are able to change and clear a users avatar.

Customer Avatars

You can upload a customer avatar to a Customer Profile so that when any customer user from that customer logs in, they see the avatar you have chosen. A customer user is still able to upload their own, overriding the default customer avatar. If a user subsequently clears their own, overridden avatar, their displayed avatar will have reverted back to the default customer avatar.

Site Avatar

For multi-site and Enterprise environments, avatars can be uploaded to sites for display in card and content list views.

List Views

User, Customer and Site avatars are displayed in card, content and tile list views.

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