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Supported Browsers and Environments

Supported Platforms

WEBcnx is supported on three platforms - Desktop, Android and iOS. In the first two cases, the internet browsers are self-contained and automatically keep themselves up to date without the user typically needing to do anything.

Unfortunately, this is not the case on iOS. Web browsers on iOS are not self-contained, but instead use the engine provided by the Operating System. In simple terms, this means that while users can install Chrome or Firefox from the App Store and get access to those browsers' features, the actual rendering of websites is still done by Safari, the version of which is directly tied into the Operating System. This means that if a user is on an older device which doesn't have access to the most recent iOS updates, they will be incapable of upgrading their browser.

As such, at this point in time our browser support can be broken into two parts:

  1. The browsers that we support on Desktop and Android.
  2. The minimum supported version of iOS we support.

Supported Browsers

Since Desktop and Android browsers can be kept up to date regardless of operating system, rather than provide an official minimum supported version, we always recommend the most recent version. For whatever reason, if you are running an exceptionally old version of a supported browser, we will detect this at the point of login and inform you that you will need to upgrade (see Using Other Browsers below).

WEBcnx VersionDesktopAndroidiOS
2023.1 and aboveChrome, Firefox, EdgeChrome, Firefoxv13.4 and above
2022 (13.0)Chrome, Firefox, EdgeChrome, Firefoxv12.5 and above
2019 (11.0)Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet ExplorerChrome, Firefoxv12.5 and above

Using Other Browsers

It is worth noting that while we have our list of officially supported and unsupported browsers, there is a long list of other browsers about which we make no comment. Many of these will in all likelihood work just fine, but we do not test against them and therefore cannot formally recommend them.

For example, there are several browsers such as Brave and Samsung Internet which use the same engine as Chrome, Edge and the Impact WEBcnx Plugin - i.e. Chromium. It's likely that these browsers - as long as they're kept up to date - will work, but any functionality, performance or styling issues encountered should first be replicated in an officially supported browser before being reported as bugs.

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