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2D Features

Add Flute/Grain Direction Symbol now supports scaled placement

Either when placing a flute/grain direction from the Blocks menu, or after running a standard, it’s now possible to control the scaling of the placed symbol via Editbar controls, that until now have only been available for the Block > Insert Symbol tool.

This new option means that a more appropriate flute/grain direction symbol can be placed upon a design in one operation, rather than having to further edit and resize through trial and error.

Line Axes Tool now has Angle property

The Line > Axes tool has an Angle property, that allows you to rotate the generated lines through a specified angle.

Refinement of Smart Snap Grid

When using Smart Snapping, the first point identified with a cursor click in a newly started tool will not snap to the grid. All subsequent cursor clicks in this tool will snap to the grid, where appropriate.

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