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Copy Section

This sub-tool can be used to replicate a section of a Frame bar, Lower part or Upper inner part.

Edit bar controls:

To replicate a section:

  1. Select Copy section from the context menu
  2. Select the entity before the first entity of the section to be replicated
  3. Select the entity after the last entity of the section to be replicated
  4. Select a pick-up point for the section
  5. Select an angle, mirroring and tolerance from the edit bar. The angle and mirroring affect how the section will be replicated in position. The tolerance increases the length of the ends of the section so that when it's dropped into position the ends are more likely to intersect with the entities where it's being dropped
  6. Select the point to drop the section onto. As long as the start and end of the section intersect with entities it can drop onto, then the section will be replicated in position

The pictures below show an example of before and after using the Copy section tool:

The first picture shows the two points identified for the start and end of the section. The second picture shows the pick-up and put-down points, together with the results of the copy. The copied section has been rotated 180deg using the edit bar control. 

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