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Create Symbol Patterns

  This tool allows you to create a symbol pattern using the position of selected circles or selected symbols from the current block relative to the block origin. The centre point of any selected circles is used for the origin of the replacement symbol. Any selected symbols will be added to the symbol pattern using their origin.

TIP: This tool can be used to create a symbol pattern of plate location holes for a Dieboard from an existing drawing.

Before activating the tool select all circles whose centre coordinates are to be the insertion point of the symbol in the pattern and select all the symbols that are to be added to the symbol pattern. The symbols will be placed relative to the extents or centre of the design or wood. All symbols will be placed relative to the same point. Ensure the origin point of the current block relates to one of these points. Use the Move Block Origin tool to change the position if required.

On activating the tool the Create Symbol Pattern form appears.

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