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  Edit Bar controls: Name, Description, Settings, Ok

This tool is used to create a number of drawing layers from the entities in a single layer.

Typically, it is used when you have multiple designs in a single layer and want to separate them into individual layers.

You can start the tool either with some entities selected already or with nothing selected. If there are entities selected, then you should enter the layer name and description, choose the Layer Setup MTS from the drop-down list and then press the Ok button.

If there are no entities selected then you should complete the edit bar entries first and then select the required entities.

A new layer will be created containing the selected entities, and the selected entities will be replaced with a layer insertion entity.


Enter the required name for the new layer. This name will be persisted next time you run the tool. It will, however, always be given a unique name for the drawing.


Enter the layer description. Again, this will be persisted next time you run the tool.


From the drop-down list choose the required Layer Setup Master Tool Settings.


If the tool was started with some selected entities then you will need to use this button to complete the tool. If there weren't any selected entities then this control will not be displayed.

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