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Split Selected

  Edit Bar controls: Replicate, Offset, Select, Back, Split.

This tool allows you to split selected blocks into two or more blocks along drawn split lines. The resulting blocks can be trimmed back along the split.


This option instructs the tool to split all blocks of the same name as the block to be split.


Enter the distance to trim each new block back along its split line.


If you choose this option it will run the Select Window tool to allow you to select the blocks to be split.


Choose this option to remove the last added split line.


Choose this option to split any selected blocks along the split lines.

Set the Edit Bar options. You can either split blocks that are already selected or select blocks to split by pressing Select.  This will run the Select Window tool. Once the block(s) to be split have been selected you should right mouse click to exit this mode.  Then draw the split lines by picking the start point and the end point of each line. The split lines will be displayed as they are drawn. When you have added all the split lines required press Split and any selected blocks will be split along the drawn split lines. The new blocks will be renamed as the original block followed by _1, _2 and so on.

The blocks can be selected using any of the selection tools before the Split Selected tool is activated.

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