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Circle 2 Points

Edit Bar controls: Construction, Interactive, From Centre, Entry Mode, Radius or Diameter, Start Angle, Bevel Inside, Holding Bridge, Clockwise, Create Duplicate Entities, Palette Group, Palette.

This tool allows you to create a circle by specifying two points on its circumference (or the centre point) and the radius or diameter.

Construction Circle – determines if the circle is to a construction circle or in the current palette.

Interactive - this option allows you to pick the radius or diameter, rather than entering a distance.

From Centre – allows you to specify the centre of the circle, as opposed to points on its circumference.

Entry Mode – allows you specify Radius or Diameter for the circle.

  • Radius or Diameter – controls the size of the circle. You can either enter the required value on the edit bar or use the Nudge keys to adjust the value interactively.

Start Angle – controls the start point of the entity.

Bevel Inside – if the current palette has side bevels defined, this will determine the direction of the bevel. See Palette Attributes.

Holding Bridge - if the current palette has holding bridges set up, this will determine the direction of any holding bridges. See Palette Attributes.

Clockwise – determines the direction of the arc.

If From Centre is checked, pick the centre point of the circle and specify the radius or diameter of the circle. 

Otherwise, pick the first point through which the circle passes using the required snap mode.

A flexible circle is then drawn rotating about the first picked point, then pick the second point. If you move the cursor so a point on its circumference cannot be picked, the centre point of the circle will be between the first and the second picked point.

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