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Delete Current Layer

This tool allows you to delete the current layer. All geometry and database information for the layer is destroyed.

Note that you cannot reverse this operation using Edit - Undo, if you change your mind you must close the drawing without saving your changes, thereby losing any other modifications you have made.

You cannot delete the last layer in a drawing, as every drawing must contain at least one layer. In fact, if the drawing only contains a single layer then the tool will not be available.

If the current layer is inserted in another layer then you will be given a warning message:-

WARNING: The layer to be deleted is inserted in at least one other layer - are you sure you want to delete it?

If you answer Yes to this question, then for each layer that contains a layer insert of the current layer you will be given this message:-

WARNING: There are one or more insertions of this layer in layer 'Layer name'. Do you want to convert them to a block? (If you answer No, the insertions will be deleted from this layer.)

For each layer that you answer Yes, a new block will be created that is a copy of the current layer, and the layer inserts will be replaced with block inserts.

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