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Edit Bar controls: Interactive, Scale, Reset, Leave Original, Number Of Copies, Selection.

This tool allows you to scale, that is resize, and optionally copy, entities.

Before activating the tool, select the entities to be transformed. Alternatively, if you start the tool without any selected entities you can scale a single entity by identifying it when you pick your base point.

If you wish the entities to be scaled by a specified amount, switch off the Interactive option and enter the scale factor in Scale. A factor of less than one will reduce the size; more than one will increase the size. Note that the value entered will persist the next time the tool is executed. Press Reset to set the scale to 1.

Pick a base point for the scaling.

If the Interactive option is switched on, then you can define the scale factor by specifying two points. After choosing the base point, as you move the cursor around, you will see the selected entities being scaled relative to the cursor position. Pick the second point when you have the desired scale.

The picked point or points need not be on, or even close to, the selected entities. They are simply reference points.

When picking the second point, if Leave Original is switched off, you can hold the Shift key down to override this setting.

The entities are scaled, or copied and scaled, relative to the base point. You may find it beneficial to use a snap mode when picking the base point.

If you wish to modify the selected entities, ensure the Leave Original option is switched off. If, on the other hand, you wish to modify a copy of the selected entities, switch the option on. If you wish to make several copies of the entities, each copy being scaled from the previous, enter the quantity in Number Of Copies.

The outcome of whether the transformed entities are selected or not is determined by the Selection option:- Select New, Select None, Select Original and Select All.

If you have selected Leave Original, the new entities are added to the current block.

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