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This tool allows you to remove a section out of an entity, trimming the entity or splitting it into two.

NOTE: The tool behaves differently, depending on whether there are entities selected when you activate it.

If activating the tool with no selected entities, pick the entity to be trimmed on the section you wish to remove. The entity is trimmed back to the first intersection with any other entity, in both directions. Entities can be trimmed against other geometric type entities, but not text, dimension or graphic entities. Rubber profile entities are treated as a line with no width.

On the other hand, if there are selected entities, activate the tool and pick the entity within the section you wish to be removed. The section of the entity is removed up to the first intersection with any of the selected entities, in both directions. However, if the picked entity does not intersect with any of the selected entities then the tool works exactly the same as when there are no selected entities. Any non-geometric entity types that are selected will be ignored.

You can hold down the Shift key when picking the entity, causing the section you click on to be retained and the other section of the entity to be removed.

You can pick an end section if you wish, in which case the entity is trimmed rather than split.

If you attempt to trim an entity that has no suitable intersecting entities then the entity will be deleted.

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