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Ordered Draw

Edit Bar controls: Rewind, Forward, Step Number, Recurse Into Sub-blocks, Use Timer, Time Per Step.

This tool allows you to display the sequence, or order, of the entities in the current block.

Forward - allows you to move on to the next entity in the sequence. The button will do nothing if you are at the end of the sequence.

Rewind - allows you to move back to the previous entity. The button will do nothing if you are at the start of the sequence.

Step Number - allows you to move through the sequence by more than one entity at a time.

Recurse into sub-blocks - causes the tool to step into all block insertions of the current block, acting as if the blocks had been exploded into individual entities. If the option is not used, each block insertion within the current block is treated as a single entity.

Use Timer - allows you to enter a delay (in seconds) between steps - pressing Forward or Rewind causes the tool to step all the way through the sequence. The delay may be entered in the Time per step spinbox. You may pause the tool by deactivating the Use Timer option.

Run the tool and select the Edit Bar options. Each entity shall be highlighted in white at the appropriate point within the sequence. Note that you may use the Edit>Arrange tools to modify the sequence of entities.

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