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Insert Master Layers

This tool allows you to insert a drawing layer from a master project into the current project, creating a new layer.  The new layer is linked to the master drawing layer and the entities in the inserted layer can not be modified.

Inserting a Master Layer

Once the tool is activated the Impact Browser is displayed. The browser shows all folders, with only master projects listed.

  • Highlight the project from which to insert the layer.
  • Make the Layer tab current on the information pane.
  • Right-click the layer required and choose the option Insert layer (available for 2D layers only).
  • The browser will close as normal once a layer has been inserted unless it has been pinned.

Inserted Master Layers

  • An inserted master layer will create a new layer in the current project.  The new drawing layers will have the same names as the originals, so long as the names are not already in use; if they are then the names will be suffixed with “_1”.
  • Geometry - The entities from the master layer are locked and cannot be modified.  You can measure, dimension, offset from and link to them.
  • Layer properties - The layer properties of the new layer will be the same as the master layer; only the layer name can be changed here.
  • Database - Once the project has been saved, the new layer is flagged as being an inserted master layer and is linked to the original project.

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