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Environment - Colours

Use this page to specify alternative colours to map to Impact database general colours. The default Impact colours might have been changed in this database using Options - Database Installation - Colours, but now the logged in user can override those colours here.


Select a category from the list to restrict the named colours displayed in the main box.


A list of named colours from the chosen category is displayed here. The database colour and the user's overridden colour is displayed.


Press this button, or double-click a colour name, to open the colour palette form and choose a new colour.


Press this button to reset the highlighted colour to the default.

Reset All

Press this button to reset all changed colours to their respective defaults.

Colour Substitution

Automatically generate contrasting palette display colours

If a palette has been defined to have the same colour as the Project Background colour, then entities created with that palette would not normally be visible. Switch this option on to force those entities to be drawn in a suitable alternative colour.

Automatically generate contrasting general colours

Similarly, switch this option on to force general colours to be visible against the project background. In the example above, Entity Path, Last Hole Markers and Smooth Tool - active node have had their colours automatically changed from white to black.

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