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Document Configuration

The Document Configuration form can be accessed from the Meta-Extractors section of the Database Installation settings. From this form, you can configure document MIME Types, Tags and Groups.

Mime Types

TIP: MIME stands for "Multi-purpose Internet Mail Extensions". MIME is an Internet standard which defines file formats (media types).

Document Configuration - MIME Types

For each type of document (that is, each file extension) which you are planning to store, you should configure a Document MIME Type


Document Configuration - Tags

Using tags you can apply certain words or phrases to documents, to help you identify their contents or purpose. Any document can have any number of tags associated with it. You can add a Document Tag from this form, or users can add them "on the fly". You can optionally define synonyms - different tags with the same meaning. 

The table shows how many documents (including deleted documents and purged documents) are associated with each tag. 


Use this button to add a new document tag together with optional synonyms.


Use this button to rename the selected tag or add synonyms to that tag.


Use this button to delete the selected tag.


Use this button to merge the selected tag with another, existing, tag. This will cause any documents that are associated with this tag to become associated with the new tag. The merged tag will then be removed.


Document groups can be used to automatically group together documents based on their file extensions. Add a Document Group and associate it with one or more extension. 

Document Configuration - Groups


Use this button to add a new document group and associate it with one or more file extensions.


Use this button to change the name of the selected group or change the file extensions associated with it.


Use this button to delete the selected group. This button will be disabled if there are any documents associated with this group.


You can use the Import and Export buttons to transfer MIME Types, Tags and Group definitions from one Impact database to another via xml files.


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