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Data Connector Test Form

Data Connector Test

The Data Connector Test form has three panels.

  • The top panel shows the data connector and configured arguments and the log level for the test run.
  • The middle panel shows rows returned by the data connector when it is tested. This will show all retrieved columns, data rows and values generated by the data connector.
  • The bottom panel shows any logging messages from the data connector. This can be useful to track down issues or missing arguments. The log panel will be hidden if the log level is set to None.

The Connect and Read Data button will test the data connector by connecting to the data source, retrieving data columns and data rows. The test form will read rows in chunks of 100 rows, so if more data is available a Load More Rows button will become available.

The test form allows you to configure any required or optional arguments for the selected data connector. Click the Arguments button to open the Data Connector Arguments form.

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