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User Group Attributes

All users (except ADMIN) must belong to a user group, which defines their Database settings, Appearance settings and Privileges.

Enter a unique Name and optionally a Description for the setting.


On the General page you can choose the settings which control the users' working environment. 

User Group Attributes - General

From the drop-down list, choose the required Appearance settings to be used.

You can Allow user to create their own appearance, if required. Users can then create their own appearance setting with the Appearance Manager.

From the drop-down list, choose the required Database settings to be used.

You can Allow user to override database settings, if required. The settings can then be overridden using Options>Environment.

Choose Privileges as follows:

  • Users of this group are administrators - they have all privileges, plus some other administrative features. These other features are detailed here.
  • Users of this group have the following privileges - from the drop-down list choose a User Privileges master tool setting.

At Connect

From here you can control what happens when the users log on to the database. 

User Group Attributes - At Connect

Perform a DBS Integrity Check when connecting - It is recommended that system administrators regularly check that the database structure is consistent. This can be done at any time (from the Database Administration form), or you can automatically perform it when logging on by enabling this option.

Don't confirm the check - perform it immediately - If enabled, the check is run immediately, otherwise the user is asked whether they wish to run it.

Project Layers

The Project Layers page only appears if you have enabled the Use user group layer rules when checking out projects option from Database Installation - Options.

User Group Attributes - Project Layers

You can Add Layer Rules to control which layers the users in this group can work on. You can also Change and Delete existing Layer Rules. Pressing Add or Change opens the Layer Rule form.

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