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Foil Settings should have a unique name and an optional description.

NOTE: The preview is dynamic and will change as the controls are modified.

Foil Properties Tab


Material Type - Foil materials are always defined as a Foil type.


  • Diffuse - specifies the colouration of the foil under a pure white light.
  • Ambient - specifies the colouration when unlit (ie when in shadow).
  • Specular - specifies the colouration of reflected highlights.
  • Emissive - provides self-illuminating colouration
  • Transparency - specifies the amount of transparency allocated to the foil (if required).


  • Brightness - controls how bright the foil will appear.
  • Sharpness - controls the sharpness of reflected images.
  • Metallic -adds a metallic sheen to the foil.


  • Depth - the slider allows you to control the height adjustment in terms of embossing/debossing height/depth.


  • Direction - allows you to specify the direction (Horizontal/Vertical) of any applied textures.
  • Resolution - allows you to specify the resolution of any applied textures.

Foil Textures Tab


Base - an image may be specified to provide colouration.

Gloss - an image may be specified to indicate glossy areas within the material surface.

Bump - an image may be specified to simulate height variations within the material surface.

Set the required controls to suit and click OK to create a Foil setting.

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