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Block Appearance

Use this section of the Visibility form to change the visibility of blocks' appearance.

Visibility - Block Appearance


Extents Rectangle

When this option is switched on a grey rectangle is drawn around the current block.

Non-Current Special

When this option is switched on all items that are not in the current block are displayed in the non-current colour. This is to help to emphasise which entities are in the current block by greying out all other entities.

These colours (the rectangle and non-current) can be modified via Options - Environment - Colours - Drawing - Block Extents / Non Current.


Block Insert Origins

Switching this option on causes the origin (that is the insertion point) of blocks to be shown with an X-axis/Y-axis marker.

Current Block Only

If this option is switched on then only the origins of blocks inserted directly into the current block will be shown. i.e. the origins of sub-blocks will not be shown.

Block Name

If this option is switched on then the block names will be shown under the origin points.


Enter the required size of the origin marker and the block name character width.

Designs as Filled Areas

This option is used to display one-up shapes more clearly. When it is turned on, then any areas within each block which are enclosed in palettes of cut type (i.e. the designs) will be displayed as a filled area, using the colour defined in Options - Environment- Colours - Drawing - Design Fill (which is light yellow by default).

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